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Earthing Backfill Compound

S-TECH ENGINEERS has made a special position for itself amidst the major Chemical Grounding Backfill Compound Suppliers and Manufacturers in India. Also known as Grounding Backfill Compound or Backfill Compound, the Earthing Backfill Compound is made from the accurate combination of natural earth minerals. Our range of Earthing Backfill Compound is highly demanded in various industries owing to its qualitative features. Some of these industries include heavy-duty machinery, chemical, electrical, power, etc.

This compound has high conductivity and corrosion resistance and long-lasting moisture absorbing & retaining power. Further, the Earthing Backfill Compound helps to reduce the resistivity of soil, fast dissipation of fault current, minimal fluctuation of Ohmic value, etc. All these features and uses make our compound a demanded product in the industry.

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